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Matthew's Cafeteria

2299 Main Street Tucker, GA 30084
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  • Posted by shortnessAVFD April 2012

    on our way to florida we took this detour and found out it wasnt worth it the food was dry. friendly people tho. we had ribs mashed tators black eyed peas, and squash casarole. it all tasted like been sittin there awhile I live in nc an know a similar style joint at which is always fresh even if business is slow.i couldnt do the so called busy time when food is fresh but thatsto expect at there peek hrs but even so when you advertise fresh i would assume at all hrs. So to the people who can make it to their dinner hrs i sure the food better it was around 2 for me an i was not impressed

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    I grew up only a couple of miles from Matthews and have eaten there many many times. This is home cooking to me.  If you want a good southern experience, this is a must.  I've never had anything I did not like but a couple of hilites from the menu that are my favorites.  Fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, country fried steak, mashed potatoes.  And no one mentions this but the best homemade Lemon Ice Box pie (with meringue) I have ever had.  We will go there just to buy a whole lemon pie and it is gone by the end of the day.  One of the things that makes this place special (other than the food) is the decor has not changed, ever.  Same tables, chairs, flooring, incrdibly tiny bathroom, serving line, etc.  You walk in there and you feel like you are going back in time.  I am probably a little bias because I grew up on Matthews food, but if you want a great throw back southern cafeteria experience then make a trip there.  Be sure and check the website because the menu is different each day of the week.  They close at 8:00 each night and are not open on the weekends. 

  • Posted by Roger August 2011

    Not really sure why this is a Triple D. Food was decent, but nothing special. Just a typical cafeteria.

  • Posted by Art February 2011

    The 'Diners, Drive-ins & Dives' show depicted Matthews pretty accurately. Arrive at meal time to assure getting hot, freshly cooked selections.

  • Posted by goblue December 2010

    I live within 5 minutes of this place. When I saw it on the show I went right over there before a high school football game. I was all excited to come here and eat some great food as seen on the show. Unfortunately that is not what we got upon arrival. First thing we discovered is cash only, the second thing was they close rediculously early. The food was mediocre at best. There wasn't any brunswick stew, which was the highlight of the show. It was so bad, I wanted to go eat somewhere else after leaving. I have not been back, nor will I.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    After viewing the video, we drove way out of our way expecting a wonderful dining experience packed full of home flavor.  We dined on a Friday October evening around 6pm and most seats were filled so it was reasonable to expect fresh food with mouthwatering flavor.  Alas, the chicken was very dry and resembled an old product obtained from a grocery store deli.  The creamed corn and mac and cheese was likewise dry and without much flavor.  The fruit punch was watery.  My wife tried the meatloaf which was juicy and good but nothing spectacular.  The sweet tea was very good as was the pecan pie which was thawed to perfection, sliced and served.  NEVER AGAIN!  TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!

  • Posted by vegas October 2009

    Out fo the way joint in an out of the way town. Dinner starts at 4:30 - if you get there early, you can sit with all the other Old Timers hanging out waiting for a game of checkers to break out. Nice folks and this is the kind of Cafeteria that used to be all over the South - and I don't mean the suck ones in the mall either. It ROCKS! The food is ferried out in those steam trays and it is fresh made there. The cobbler is good as someone else said, but make 'em scoop ya some fresh and don't take one of those Pre-done jobs already in a little mini-bowl looking thing. The fried pollo is KILLER and not served all the time so call and make sure they're gonna have it if you are a bird fiend. Crisp and HOT the way it is supposta be - even the breast wasn't dry - nice work there - the thigh was meaty goodness. THe mashed taters could'a been hotter, but the gravy brought it back. The custard pie was kick@ss with the blackedened skin on top like needs to. The sweet potato casserole was old-timey and all grand-mothered up and dead on. As for the rutabegas, well, as someone I know who is wrong about food a LOT has said: "they taste like dirt". But that is what rutabegas taste like on a good day, so get the flat beans or some other veggie...rutabegas - worse than beets. Also - the cornbread is real-deal good 'ol Johnny Reb cornbread - crunchy and not all cakey-fied with a load of sugar either. Yum Yum. And the butter is butter - not that vaseline (margarine) stuff with yellow food coloring added some places try to pawn off. WELL worth the ride and the money - and this place will stuff yer belly for just a little cheddar, friends - excellent value. When I was leaving - I noticed that there was a HUE line for take-out. Why? You dying to go home and mess up a bunch of plates and get junk on your floor? EAT HERE and let them clean up. Also - they DO take charge cards but there is NO LINE for a tip - so you gotta have cash for the help. They are wonderful so TAKE CASH to TIP. Also - an loud Old Timer was spinning some yarn at another Old Timer table in the dining room and belching from tme to time - and I mean LOUD, so know that this place is not the Ritz but a real-deal Southern Diner. 

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    This place is a classic. Been there forever and everyone goes there. Pretty good country cooking - not great but pretty good. Cracker Barrel gives it a run for the money if that tells you anything. Some of the food tasted like it came out of the can (green beans). Chicken fried steak was killer. All things said, I'd go back. Go early if your going to go at all. 

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