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The Nook

492 Hamline Avenue South St. Paul, MN 55116
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  • Posted by sloroller832 March 2016

    Outstanding burgers. 1/2 lb (or more) of sloppy gooey goodness. The bowling alley downstairs was pretty cool.

  • Posted by FlashBack September 2014

    I had the Guy's Big Bite Burger and the Mrs had the classic Nook's Juicy Lucy.....fantastic!!

  • Posted by October 2013

    Finally stopped in since they remodeled after the fire. My 3rd time going there overall. Had to also try the Big Bite Burger after Guy showed during his revisit on Triple D. What an awesome burger, and really loved the prime rib on it. This was my first Juicy Lucy type burger I had since growing out my huge beard. Was about 3 bites in thinking all was going well, then splat, cheese all over my beard. My cousin was sitting on other side of me as I'm trying to clean it out of my beard and he just says "you just need to go to the bathroom dude". Glad to see them up and going, and really like the changes to the place. Like that the seating is now more consistent and not using old Pac Man video games as tables. We sat where the old kitchen was in what I referred to as the hidden booth. No one could see us unless sitting at the end of the bar. Was great for having beers this way as the bartender could see right down to our table and just hand us off another pint of Fulton as soon as we finished the one we were working on. No wait at all.

  • Posted by Lee August 2012

    Really good california burger, very tasty. Looked like a normal burger but there was just this really good flavor to it. Will definitely go back whenever we visit Minneapolis.

  • Posted by Joe May 2012

    Very good, worth the wait. Thanks for finding this place Guy!

  • Posted by Lorrie February 2012

    Very good Cheese burger.. has pepper jack cheese pouring out when you bite in to it. Staff was friendly! Best was the deep fried cheese bites.,.. they had a differnt name but they were OMG AWESOME!!!!!

  • Posted by Taylor February 2012

    Had to wait for an hour for a table but it makes it even better! My favorite place to go for burgers. Never a disappointment. Best burgers ever!!!

  • Posted by Dustin December 2011

    Been here twice. Both times before the fire. Always have had a great time and great food. First time stopped in we had just left tour at Summit Brewery and kept the Summit sampling going on there. Loved the Juicy's and the fries. And get into argument on whos cheese curds are better, The Nooks or Psycho Suzi's. The second time went there we went bowling at Ran-Ham in basement first, then ate some more amazing food. Was a blast. Would like to go see the place all remodled but still trying all the other Minneapolis/St Paul Triple D spots. We did try to stop by there this May, but wait was over an hour and we were off to WI.

  • Posted by Christy December 2011

    The BEST Jucy's in the cities!!!! It's still good after the fire, but not quite the same as the ol' place 8-) .  My favorite place to get burgers!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2011

    St. Paul

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    This place is amazing!!!! The BEST burgers, fries and nachos we've ever tasted!!! We can't wait to drive back to Minneapolis to eat at The Nook. It will be well worth the 7 hour drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to eat the tastiest burgers ever. The place is a really cool local place that has great serving staff (gave us a sampling of the wicked hot sauce they use on the wings- OMG... your mouth will be on fire, but in a good way, of course). Next time we will be sure to stop in at their sister restaurant, Shamrocks for some good eats. Tasty, cheap, awesome. We will be back!!!! YUM, YUM!    

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    They are back in business. Burgers and Fries are good as ever.

  • Posted by Dan and family from Vermont April 2011

    We were out here on vacation a while back.  We had seen this on DDD and went.  Good food, small place, good price.  Would go back again. 

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    Well tragically the Nook had a fire over the winter, and the place was gutted. The owners are rebuilding in the exact same spot. Should be up and running by this summer.

  • Posted by Tom December 2010

    Hands down the best burgers I've ever had!  Came down from Winnipeg and this place was stop number 1.  I've wanted to go for over a year, since seeing the place on DDD.  Went for lunch on a Thursday and had the Juicy Nookie.  Wicked burger!  Cheese poured out of the burger like lava from a volcano!  And the fries were great too.  Met one of the owners and chatted for a bit.  He gave us a gift card so that night we headed to Shamrocks for some beers, what a cool guy!  Had to go back on Saturday for lunch before a 7 hour drive back home to try the Nookie Supreme (that's the beast I'm eating in the picture).  Next time I go, I'll try their challenge of eating 2 Supremes with fries for a free t-shirt!  The place ws packed and 20 people were waiting both times we went.  I'd drive back today just for lunch, then turn around and head back to Canada.

  • Posted by Military Kate August 2010

    Yum yum yum yum yum! Loved it! Got the Juicy Nookie and wow! I would go back a hundred times over...their wings were HUGE and perfect! And you can not beat fresh cut french fries...want your nookie even better? Have them throw some fried onions on it...MY FAV PLACE!

  • Posted by geoff August 2010

    small, crowded. can be a long wait, BEST burger EVER.

  • Posted by Rita Ramos Gatt August 2010

    I think this is lunch tomorrow! 

  • Posted by snowflakey July 2010

    Second time for me and this  was as good as the first visit.  burger filled with pepperjack cheese. YUM

  • Posted by Canadian Tourist May 2010

    LOVED IT.  We saw this place on Diner,Drive Ins and Dives. We finally planned a trip to Minnesota and this place made our trip. I will be back the next time we are in town.

  • Posted by wack_69 January 2010

    OMG! I went to the Nook tonight for the first time and it was fantastic!!!! Pulling up the place is not fabulous, just a little "nook" with an awning... so small. Once inside, it wasn't any more spectacular really, you leave your name and the size of your party at the bar and wait for a seat. It was 7pm on a Thursday and it was packed to the gills! Must be good, right? I ordered and shared an 8 piece chicken wing (plain) - they were big and juicy and seasoned just right... yummy! I ordered a juicy "nookie" with fried onions and onion rings - WOW!!! that's all I can say, it was the best burger I've ever had and the onion rings were great too! My partner had the the Nookie supreme burger and it was huge and delicious! The biggest and best burger my friend had ever eaten! I will never eat a burger anywhere else! Don't let the outside fool you, the food is top notch!

  • Posted by Steve December 2009

    One of the best burgers both me and my wife have ever had! Excellent! We'll definitely be back.

  • Posted by Rick November 2009

    No better burger anywhere.  I make it a point to stop here whenever in the Twin Cities.  I have the Hanrahan California Pepper Jack burger which is so tasty you can't believe it.  The fries are great and they have the absolute best milkshakes.  Intend to try the related place Shamrocks sometime.  The restaurant is small but you put your name in at the bar and they list it and it turns over fairly quickly.  Service was top notch and the atmosphere is of a comfy bar you don't mind bringing your kids to.  A must hit place.

  • Posted by Fred November 2009

    I had a few 1sts here and it was really good; Paul Molitor Burger (Juicy Lucy with Pepperjack Cheese), true Cheese Curds, and a Guiness Milkshake! Simply Awesome

  • Posted by bruce October 2009

    theirrrr greattt !!!!!

  • Posted by big joe October 2009

    great burgers,fries. dont overlook wild wings

  • Posted by Robert Roldan July 2009

    Great burgers and the fries are perfect.

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