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Paradise Pup

1724 S. River Road Des Plaines, IL 60018
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Reviews (13)

  • Posted by mlsweeney July 2017

    Their burgers are fantastic! I would highly recommend going to this place if you're a fan of char-burgers. 8.8/10

  • Posted by Big Tool August 2012

    We went, we waited, we loved the burgers. Paradise Pup looks like anyone of the 3.7 million burger and hot dogs joints around the metropolitan Chicago area, but what makes its cheeseburgers above-average, in my opinion, is their grilled-charred flavor. And what makes those burgers really noteworthy is the Merkts cheese.
    Although I really liked Paradise Pup, the high-maintenance crowd may want to take note. First, the comments about the long waits are spot on. Second, there's little room for waiting inside, so plan on spending most of your time in line outdoors. Third, the menu is limited to the basics: burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, fries, rings and not much more. Fourth, seating is scarce, just a few outdoor tables. Fifth, the parking lot, like everything else, is small.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    I live for Burgers. This one is best to explain in one word "AMAZING".  I first took my daughter, than the next day my son and the following day my wife.  I watched each of them tell me "Wow".  Take it from a fat guy - well worth the wait.  Buy 2.

  • Posted by Guest January 2012

    Worth the drive.  The burgers and onion rings are amazing.  Plan on waiting in line but you wont be disappointed.

  • Posted by Tony December 2011

    Left Chicago in the 70s when I was 17, but still have family there. Never heard of Paradise Pup until I saw it on the DDD show. So, next time seeing the kin... Jeez, if I had known about this when I lived there, I would be 200 pounds heavier! The cheeseburger is definitly one of the best I ever had. The hot dogs are good, but lots of dog houses in Chi-town are as good. But the cheeseburger... OH YEAH! Check it out! It's worth the wait.

  • Posted by Jason B April 2011

    Ridiculously outstanding burger (Cheddar Char burger w/ fried onions) and a great Chicago style dog. Our family loved it! Only 10 minutes from O' Hare, so leave a little early for your next flight. Best burger ever!

  • Posted by Sean June 2010

    Once you go, you will return!!

  • Posted by Johnny March 2010

    Sorry, this is just your average Chicago burger and dog place.  Nothing you can't get from any other "Vienna beef" spot.  Nothing outstanding except the wait.

  • Posted by Terri January 2010

    They have great burgers here, definitely worth the visit. Do leave yourself plenty of time as there always seems to be a line and you'll usually wait at least 20 minutes in line.  Also there is not very much room to park.

  • Posted by Lee Abernathy November 2009

    This is one of the best burger places I have ever been too. If you are in town or close be sure to stop in. It is only open 10 - 5 but worth the effort  

  • Posted by Steve October 2009

    really wanted to try this place when we were visiting friends. their hours made it difficult, virtually impossible.

  • Posted by JIM October 2009

    What a great place to eat. It is tiny. There is always a line to get in. Their burgers are the best and their dogs and polish are like nothing you ever had before. All items are char grilled over real charcoal. They use Mercks cheddar cheese on the cheddar dogs and their burgers. They make home made milkshakes in a great variety of flavors. It looks like a dive and really is, but it is clean and the food is great. Give yourself extra time because you may stand in line for 20 minutes. It's worth it.

  • Posted by Rio March 2009

    It's MONEY

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