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Pizza Palace

3132 E. Magnolia Avenue Knoxville, TN 37914
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  • Posted by August 2014

    We are staying in Fairfield Glade, TN so went for the hour drive to Knoxville today. They are closed on Mondays!!

  • Posted by mytkoalacowboy November 2012

    We ate here yesterday, mid afternoon. Ordered a small deluxe pizza and a half order of onion rings. Both were good. The onion rings were done the way I like them. The coating was crispy, and they weren't greasy at all. Pizza was not the best I've had, but definitely worth eating.

  • Posted by Carol September 2012

    We got a small pizza and some onion rings. The pizza was fine. We just like crispy crust pizza better. The onion rings were good. We were just caught off guard with the 'cash only' concept.

  • Posted by ninnyd August 2012

    Greasy, greasy...about the worst pizza I've ever eaten .

  • Posted by Damon April 2012

    This place IS in the worst part of town in Knoxville (which has a very high crime rating).  Don't go there at night.

  • Posted by sun April 2012

    the pizza was average at best. The dough was not hand tossed, it went through a roller. The sauce had no flavor. No reason to go back for me. Guy you missed the boat on this one.    

  • Posted by Lisa December 2011

    Oops! Here's my rating... :-D

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2011

    We stopped for dinner last night! VERY convenient for travelers on I-40 (exit 390), going through Eastern Tennessee! Excellent pizza with homemade sausage, onion rings, milkshakes & salad! Very generous portions & very reasonable! Left with a doggy bag. Staff is like a family! We sat inside (very limited seating, but we were quickly adopted by staff & owner!) Will make it a regular pit stop! Thanks for a special evening!

  • Posted by Jess November 2011

    I don't know why people say the staff wasn't friendly. My mom thought she order from Pizza Palace...but found out once she arrived that she didn't. They were so nice about it and offered to fix it for her even though it wasn't their mistake! Their pizza is best with sausage...omg! And the lasagna is to die for! My fav by far!!!! :)

  • Posted by Jess November 2011

    If you go closer to I 40(which is about 2 min from there) there r 2 banks and not in the bad part of town. The pizza and lasagna are so worth going to the atm! Lasagna is my fav!

  • Posted by Gary & Alice October 2011

    Went there today.  Found them to be very friendly and helpful.  The pizza and pasta with meatballs was very good.  Ended bringing two quarts of sauce home as well.

  • Posted by Sarah & Jason Crain July 2011

    Good pizza. The staff is not very friendly. I probably wouldn't go back.

  • Posted by Jermaine Cooper June 2011

    We had dinner here today, pretty good

  • Posted by Big Tool June 2011

    We stopped at the Pizza Palace mid-afternoon. We were too full from lunch and didn't want another full meal so soon. Instead we ordered a couple slices of pie. Even though there was only one other car in the drive-in, service was extremely slow. It took 6-7 minutes, probably longer, for them to cut two slices of pie and add some whipped topping and walk it 50’ to us. The pie, though, was good. I don’t want to describe the service as “unfriendly,” because that seems too harsh. Aloof is a better fit.  I'd be willing to come back and try one of their pizza or pasta dishes.


    Some of the reviewers make the neighborhood sound like a cross between Compton and Baghdad. It’s not that bad, though it is in a fairly run-down area The indifferent service would deter me from returning more than the slightly seedy neighborhood.    

  • Posted by alyssa May 2011

    This neighbourhood was TERRIBLE. they are cash only, the closest ATM is at a ghetto gas station. When we went to use an ATM we were approached by sketchy looking guys. We quickly got out of there and decided against this place. WHAT A CRAPPY PLACE FOR A RESTAURANT. The inside was also dirty with sketchy looking people working there. DON'T COME HERE!!!!!!

  • Posted by JKul300 April 2011

    Stopped by on our way from Nashville to Gatlinburg.  Fits the "Dive" category and food and service were average.  Not worth the trip.  We will try a DDD somewhere else and hope for better.

  • Posted by Guest April 2011

    We stopped and ate here on way back home. We got the Lasagna and OMG!!!! AMAZING!!! 8 stars out of 5. The sauce is so good and rich i wanted just to eat that. 6 hour drive is well worth it! We will be coming back very soon!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    We ate there on a trip to Florida and really liked what we ate.....didn't realize there was no inside seating until we got there, but o problem...we ate inthe car.....neighborhood feels a bit seedy but i figure if they've been here thislong, it's a good place to be. Hubby ordered hot wings, which he loved. I ordred their special burger with their sauce...thought it would be a "special" sauce...more mayo bsaed...what i received was a burger with their meat let me say, i would not try their "best spaghetti in TN" because i make the best sauce anywhere and I didn't want heargurn for the next 5 hours we had to drive...but my burger had this meat sauce on it and IT WAS WONDERFUl!!!! I ewven considered asking for a quart to take with e...not sure if they would do that...and I had no gastonomic issues on the drive following out meal! we also split a full order of onion rings and again, delicious, not greasy, onion fully cooked and tender, batter yummy and crisp! I want to stop onour way back North!

  • Posted by LL December 2010

    This was our 1st stop on our triple D's journey. The onion rings were amazing..huge order ! My boyfriend ordered the pasta with meat sauce. The pasta was wayyyyyy over cooked and the sauce was a tad too sweet for my taste, however my boyfriend enjoyed the sauce.  I ordered the pizza it was average a little to cheesy and the crust was probably the best part. I'd recommend it for the onion rings only!

  • Posted by DDDFanBill November 2010

    Wasn't hungry for pizza when I stopped - but it smelled great!!  Had a burger and a half-order of onion rings.  This was more than enough to satisfy my tatste buds. The burger was "average"... the onion rings were great... large, sweet, nice breading and cooked perfectly. Service was good... staff wasn't very friendly - maybe they don't like out-of-towners from the north?

  • Posted by Frank September 2010

    This pizza is the best in the United States, better even than New York Pizza, and coming from an Italian, this is a compliment.  I have been eating here all my life, ever since I was a little tyke over 40 years ago.  Our special thing to do was to stop in after a Tennessee football game and order a large pizza, sometimes spaghetti and meatballs. I would highly recommend the Pizza Palace to anyone

  • Posted by Dan September 2010

    My family and I live in Illinois and were on vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN.  We drove to Knoxville to check this place out after seeing it on DDD.  We didn't think much of the place when we first pulled up, but the food more than made up for it.  My wife and kids had the pizza while I tried the Ravioli, and we all split an order of onion rings.  The food was incredible and there was plenty of it.  The people there were very nice and the experience there was very good.  I even asked if they delivered their pizza out of state and they got a laugh out of it.  Worth the stop if you are in the area.  It took us 45 minutes to get into the area from or hotel in TN, but the trip was fun and the food was great.

  • Posted by Mary August 2010

    Right now, I am working on my third batch of sauce to match the Pizza Palace...I am getting closer and am convinced the secret is the meat. We stopped because of the show. I ordered a sirloin steak sandwich and my daughter ordered the half fried chicken. We went inside to eat and that was a hoot on its own! they gave us a portion cup of meat sauce and three onion rings with some dressing. I am italian, but had given up on spaghetti a long time ago...OMG!! That meat sauce is off the hook...the onion rings were ok...but i ended up taking 'out' another order of meat sauce...i could have just eaten that. The sirloin steak sandwich, in its own simplicity was also very tasty...i wasnt hungry after I ate the sauce and onion rings, but the steak sandwich was so good, I finished half and saved the rest for breakfast! I took my order of takeout meat sauce on down to my sisters in Atlanta, GA...between my sis, brother in law and two nieces...they fought over it....yummy! I will watch for everytime I can go by Knoxville to stop...Thanks!

  • Posted by Timothy August 2010

    Pasta, Pasta, Pasta.  The gravy is off the hook.  Also the Greek Salad.  Unbelieveable that this could come from a drive-in.  The Pizza is good. but not worth a 400 mile drive.  The gravy used on the pasta just might be.  We also enjoy the onion rings.  If you are passing thru Knox county, It is worth the stop.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    My sister traveled from Atlanta to see me in SE TN. She is a DDD fan so we mapped the Pizza Palace and had lunch before a visit to the gardens at UT (you gotta go there). We enjoyed the old funky atmosphere and window seats yeah, but the pizza was great and so were the onion rings no matter where you eat them. I keep hoping I will find myself in the area again. The neighborhood did not appear all that safe to me, no, but the Pizza Palace was great for an afternoon lunch while sightseeing in Knoxville. Staff was friendly. Cool drive in.

  • Posted by Donna June 2010

    We drove to Knoxville on our vacation to eat at the Pizza Palace.  It is a "drive in " which has seen it's better days. For starters,  I'd be careful going there after dark.  The restroom did not have any paper towels or toilet paper. We were going to leave, but decided to stay because of the Food Network endorsement. We tried the cheese pizza, onion rings, spaghetti and salad.  The pizza was pricey for the size.  The sauce was not flavorful and the crust was doughy. It was also very salty. Not even our kids would eat it.  We were also disappointed with the onion rings.  They were advertised as "hand breaded", but they didn't look or taste hand breaded.  The breading was very heavy and absorbed a lot of oil. They were not very hot. My daughter who will usually eat anything fried and crunchy would not eat these.  The spaghetti was not good at all.  I got the mushroom topped spaghetti, and was very disappointed because the mushrooms were the canned variety and they were just scooped out of the can placed on top of the sauce.   This  dish was also not very hot.  The   primary flavor of the sauce was garlic.  It was gross. We could not eat the oil soaked toast that came with the spaghetti, also gross. We also got the greek salad.  The "homemade" dressing was primarily made of  some type of oil, and had no flavor at all. After I tasted it, I asked for some ranch dressing.  The salad was also pricey for what you got.  The salad was the best thing we got,and it wasn't that great either, but of course there was no cooking to be done with that dish.  Overall, the food was not worth the drive,  the money or the upset stomach. 

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2010

    Growing up in West Knoxville, I have eaten here many times. While I do think the pizza is good, I understand what the others on here are saying.  However, try the Spaghetti!! Whether you are a spaghetti lover or not, this stuff is the best! It's a bit spicy, but the meatballs are HUGE! My children will only eat spaghetti from the Pizza Palace, they love putting it on top of the homemade garlic toast....don't give up on a place because you had one bad experience, everyone has their "off" days.  :)

  • Posted by Steve February 2010

    my family and i had burgers and onion rings everything was very good but i will say it took me a few onion rings to get used to them then i could not get enough.

  • Posted by oldlaw February 2010

    Though the pizza was very good but the onion rings are average.

  • Posted by C Dikmen January 2010

    One of my few DDD disappointments. Just average pizza.

  • Posted by Hillary January 2010

    nothing to write home about.  the pizza's not that good and the menu isn't that deep.  the allure of eating in your car really isn't all that either.  didn't get the onion rings.

  • Posted by Linda June 2009

    very good

  • Posted by danny June 2009

    I had an occasion to have eaten here a couple of times here and I have to say the pizza is REALLY good. And the oinion rings are to die for. I am not a local nor do I have any specific interest in the restaurant other than having eaten there last year during the Honda Hoot 2008.  Too bad they didn't have it here again this year as I would have eaten there at least FOUR OUT OF THE FIVE DAYS THERE....honest. Go and enjoy a somewhat stark but open window seating(eat in  and you'll know and have a fun time eatring soem really good pizza.I am a bit particular about my Pizza and onion rings for that matter, but no questions here! Thanks folks and don't change a thing. 8-)

  • Posted by Mar and Bernie April 2009

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