La Sandwicherie in Miami Beach, FL

La Sandwicherie

 May 12, 2016  1 Comments  3092 views

Serving heavenly sandwiches in Sobe since 1988, La Sandwicherie captures the best of French savoir-faire in the simplest of settings to transport your taste buds to another world without costing you the earth. Daily fresh ingredients, crisp baguettes or croissants and the added magic of the infamous vinaigrette make for a true taste sensation. A must see in Miami Beach!




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    [email protected]
    Thursday, May 12, 2016
    I went to La Sandwicherie years ago & it was always delicious. It's a great quick grab n go sandwiches and salads. This is a great place to go for foodies making the rounds.. go for breakfast, then stop here and grab a sandwich or salad and enjoy at the beach...& rest up to go somewhere for dinner. It's also great after going out as they are open all night.


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