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8/18/2013 7:06:39 PM 1 Comments

"How do I nominate a Restaurant"

How do I nominate a Restaurant to be featured on DDD? --> Echo Kelly

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    4/11/2014 1:10:13 PM
    Ponzio's Diner Rt. 70 Cherry Hill, NJ Phone: (856) 428-4808 I love the diner! It's very warm and fuzzy! Everyone's ALWAYS so nice! Everyone ALWAYS has a SMILE! They have AWESOME breakfast! For breakfast, I LOVE their French toast w/ pork roll! SO LIGHT AND FLUFFY!!! But honestly, EVERTHING IS AMAZING!!!! For lunch, I LOVE their Chicken Parm Sandwhich w/ fries! For dinner, I LOVE their Monte Cristo. They have a bakery and bar on premises. Overall, there food, deserts, drinks, and atmosphere are AMAZING!!!!!!

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