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Thursday, August 01, 2013 (268w) 0 Comments  By Elizabeth Tapanes

Best pork sandwich ever at Rolli Pork Loin Extraordinaire in Melbourne, FL

Hey Guy. It's quite simple. I'm not sure why no one has recc. this place to you before BUT Rolli Porkloin in Melbourne Florida. It is hands down the best pork sandwich you will ever have (not bbq!) and what makes it even better is that this amazing sandwich comes out of a shack next to the beach. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE? There is always a line, it is always busy, and there are always sandwiches. IN FACT, when anyone I know goes up to that area I request them to bring back a Rolli sandwich for me (since I live in Miami) and the guy who owns the place (so nice) packages the whole sandwich to go into individually wrapped compartments. I mean the meat is wrapped on it's own, the onions wrapped on their own, the bread in a bag - and when I finally bite into it in Miami after the 3-4 hour trip it tastes JUST as fresh as having it there. If that doesn't spell out not only great customer service, but dedication to GREAT pork and a wonderful customer experience...I'm not sure what does. THIS PLACE = GO!



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