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Tuesday, July 03, 2018 (15w) 3 Comments  By Anonymous

J and M Diner in Framingham, MA

The J & M Diner in Framingham, Ma is a real gem. I live about 60 miles away and as a result I don't get there as much as I'd like. But the flavor of everything that I've had there is off, off the charts. I'll start with something they call wicked, sinful French toast. They take a cinnamon danish, flatten it out, dip it in the milk, egg mixture,fry it and drizzle vanilla icing over it. Maybe one of the sweetest things I've ever had. Rich, wonderful, super. They also make the best corn beef hash I've ever had and I've been to many,many places and eaten corn beef hash. J & M's is always well done, always intensely flavored and just magnificent. They also have a sweet potato hash that is also outstanding. And their omelette list is incredibly long. One of my favorites is their pulled pork omelette. Superb. Oh, and by the way they have the best home fries I've ever had, bar none. Sometimes you'll get home fries at places and the pieces of potato are too large to soak up any spices. J & M's are perfect little squares that they get cut by an outside company. They're so incredibly delicious, totally out of bounds. So Guy, you gotta go to this place. And the family who owns the joint is there full time-- Dave is the chief cook and Karen runs things out front. They're incredibly nice people. And their food is dynamite. And for the record my last name is Finkelstein and I love to travel to many of the places you've been. You just gotta go !!!!




  1. Anonymous
    Tuesday, July 03, 2018
    Hi Guy! I am family friends with the owners kids of J & M diner! They Hi Guy! I am family friends with the owners kids of J & M diner! They have hands down the best diner in Massachusetts. They are a tiny family owned diner in Framingham Massachusetts. They have craziest pancake & waffle combinations imaginable!!! Everything off the menu is unique and delicious. It’s a super fun atmosphere! Come for a big appitate!
  2. Anonymous
    Tuesday, July 03, 2018
    I'm writing to add something to my recommendation for J & M Diner i I'm writing to add something to my recommendation for J & M Diner in Framingham , Ma. What I forgot to say is that this is the second home . Their first home was gutted by fire in 2017. But they rebuilt a brand new, much larger and modern facility. Guy,and the food is way better than the physical plant. It's like a playground for your tastebuds !!!!!!!!
  3. Anonymous
    Tuesday, July 03, 2018
    J and M Diner in Framingham, MA Guy, I've been to a stupendous diner in Framingham, Ma about 63 miles from my house on numerous occasions. At this diner they don not know the meaning of boring, blah, ordinary. It's called the J and M diner in Framingham, Ma. I'll give you three examples. 1. Wicked sinful french toast - take a cinnamin danish, flatten it, dip in french toast mixture and then cook it on the grill. Top it with vanilla icing and you have an incredibly sweet, wonderful concoction. 2. Pulled pork omelet. Picture an omelet almost as large as your forearm, deliciously filled with pulled pork that is tender,sweet and just amazing 3. Corn beef hash - no I understand that corned beef hash can be boring and pedestrian. But this corn beef has is a universe away from that. It's got corn beef, onions, bacon and cheese and is literally a playground for your taste buds. These are just three examples that represent a menu that will make you smile when you go there. Oh, and did I mention how wonderfully welcoming the people are. This is a mom and pop and their three daughters place. They started their diner in 1998. Unfortunately it burned down last March but they've reopened in a newer and larger location. They were able to rescue the charred sign from outside the old place . This is just one fantastic diner. It's worth my driving 63 miles to and definitely worth a visit on Triple D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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