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Friday, August 02, 2013 (273w) 0 Comments  By Sharlene Mott

Wards Grill in Whiteville, NC

Hello Mr. Guy Fieri I am just writing in to inform of this located burger and hot dog spot. Ward Grill is the name and if you go there I PROMISE YOU, you will not be disappointed. Ward's is an old school type of burger joint with NO SITS but trust me when I say none of the locals DO NOT MIND to stand in line. At mid day I grantee everyday in downtown Whiteville there's a long line outside wrapped around the corner. YES it's that SERIOUS Mind you it's a family owned business. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check WARD'S GRILL out!!!! Thank you for your time. WARD'S GRILSSLocation: WHITEVILLE, NC




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