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Monday, August 05, 2013 (268w) 0 Comments  By Kendra Battin

The Pit Stop to Flavortown You Won't Find on a Map

We recently moved across the good old USA, making pit stops at every BBQ joint between Salt Lake City and Charlotte, NC. No joke. We ate BBQ in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and North Carolina. The best BBQ we have found is in a tiny gas station outside of Alma, Arkansas. Run by three generations of women, Granny (age 83) is still making her famous pies every morning while daughter and grand-daughter smoke the brisket in an old smoker behind the back of the gas station. We make a yearly pilgrimage back to Alma just for this killer Q!!!!!! Guy Fieri needs to make this a pit stop on the road to Flavortown!!!! Don't look for it on a map, you won't find it! (It's that much of a dive...) Here's the address, and we'll look for you soon! Sargent's 66445 Highway 71 N Alma, AR 72921



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