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Wednesday, August 07, 2013 (267w) 0 Comments  By Claudia Schneider

Bagel & Deli Shop in Oxford, OH

Hey! I'm Claudia, a Junior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and I was hoping to tell you about just one of the awesome restaurants this college town has to offer. By far, the most unique place we have is a tiny little bagel shop called Bagel & Deli. Famous for it's hundreds of steamed bagel sandwiches, on any given night, Bagel & Deli is packed full! I've never heard someone come out of there unhappy with their order. The workers are so friendly and you can literally put just about anything onto a bagel sandwich! The options are limitless and the food is outstanding. Just a few of the favorites are the Messy Katie and Crunch 'n Munch... but I'm partial to the many varieties of breakfast options they have! Please consider visiting us! You won't be disappointed.Best, Claudia



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