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Sunday, August 11, 2013 (267w) 0 Comments  By Arin Will

Scratch in Lake Oswego, OR

YOOOOOOOOOO, I have the kinda place that you need to check out; It is called Scratch, in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The restaurant is opened by a long-time man of the Kitchen. He opened Scratch after twenty years of working on the line, and finally destroying the local LCB. He decided that he would rather open his own restaurant that take a sous-chef position at Charlie Trotters. Which was an amazing call on his part, because it is an amazingly delicious and beautifully plated style of food, that is surrounded by too many and unfortunately busier "from a can" restaurants. It should also be mentioned that the restaurant is 100% gluten free at dinner time, and that all of the bread (which is baked in house) is gluten free, and absolutely delicious. LIke, to the point that flavor comes first, and that because of such it is amazing. Please, come check this place out, I have a feeling that you and Chef Patrick will get along well.



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