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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 (267w) 5 Comments  By Hannah Peterson

Rockin B's Burger Company in Modesto, CA

In Modesto, California there is an amazing new burger place called "Rockin B's Burger Company" that Guy should try. It is owned by a couple of long time Modesto natives and they hand make the most delicious burgers I've ever had! The garlic fries are pretty amazing too! Try the "Shay-Shay" it is epic.



  1. Anonymous
    Tuesday, August 13, 2013
    Rockin B's Burger Company in Modesto, California. Not only is this the Rockin B's Burger Company in Modesto, California. Not only is this the best burger I've ever eaten, I'd wager it ranks as one of the best in Flavortown USA. I had read all their reviews on Yelp and figured they were too good to be true, nope, even better. When I went to eat lunch there before going to see a movie, I was blown away so much that the entire time watching the movie, I couldn't get the taste or experience out of my head. The Peterson's do it right, great food, great customer service, great family. Seriously, get in the Camaro, 101S to 580E to 205E to 99S, about a 2hr drive for a kickass burger.
  2. Anonymous
    Tuesday, August 13, 2013
    Guy, you have to visit this place. I traveled the country and have Guy, you have to visit this place. I traveled the country and have eaten at several of your stops. Never have I had a burger like I did at Rockin B's in Modesto ca. This place is the epitome of diners drive ins and dives. Let me start by saying the meat is fresh daily and cooked to perfection. The secret sauce is to die for I have never had a burger like this. There garlic fries I promise you are like nothing you have ever tasted. The place is nestled on corner little shack. They have a TV that plays the food network all day!! They have lines that run at the door and most the time run out of meat causing them to close for the day. You have to stop here!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Anonymous
    Tuesday, August 13, 2013
    Best Burgers in Stanislaus County Hi... The BEST burgers in Stanislaus County is at Rockin B's Burger Company... special blend of hamburger meats ROCKS!!! please check it out for yourself!
  4. Anonymous
    Tuesday, August 13, 2013
    Faithful customer loves Rockin Bs Burger Company in Modesto, CA Modesto CA's best kept burger secret! Our town has the best hamburger and BBQ joint! The owner is a husband and wife team who hit the mark with tasty food and over the top customer service! It feels like home, only better! The burgers are perfectly cooked on the grill, each handmade to order. Their secret sauce blows away any other! The meat is cooked to perfection and seasoned exactly! We have also tried their BBQ beef brisket, melts in your mouth, and their pulled pork, oh so tender! They don't have a lot on the menu, but what they do have keeps us coming back for more! The owner retired from the Modesto Irrigation District to open this awesome restaurant with his wife. I believe he has competed before in BBQ competitions. You can tell there is a lot of love in what they do! Please consider checking them out! Heard Guy thought the Squeeze Inn was the best's not even close to Rockin B's! Rockin B's on McHenry Ave. Modesto won't be disappointed!
  5. Anonymous
    Tuesday, August 13, 2013
    Rockin b's Come to Rockin B's burger co. in modesto ca! Best burgers ever and locally owned. My 9 year old daughter thinks burgers are gross but eats an entire Shay Shay and garlic fries! Best garlic fries too.



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