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Wednesday, August 14, 2013 (267w) 0 Comments  By Diane Williams

Tys Burger House in Oceanside, CA

This little burger place is located in Oceanside, Ca.. Great place for a burger. They offer burgers that are made of venison, wild boar, elk, kangaroo to name a few, I believe at times they even have alligator. Of course, they have the regular classic burgers as well and they are delicious. We tried the pastrami burger, bacon and blue cheeseburger and the mac and cheese bacon burger all of them were delicious. They also carry salads, wraps and beer/wine. This is a great little place located in our city, it is a little small, but stays busy, There is nice place for you to eat outside in the back as well, especially with our wonderful weather it's great. Their food was cooked delicious and a definite diner, drive-in and dives place to list and visit and let others know that they can come visit and fall in love with their burgers.Thank you,Diane



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