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Wednesday, August 14, 2013 (270w) 0 Comments  By Karen McGehee

Dons Drive In in Traverse City, MI

I have a wonderful diner for you to visit. We have now been to Don's Drive In in Traverse City 3 times. We are from the Chicago suburbs. The burgers are wonderful. The shakes are equally fantastic as well as the fries. This place is your kind of place. It would be wonderful to see it on Triple D. On our last trip my husband was wondering where we were going to eat. I told him we were going to have burgers. It was getting late for dinner and we had more miles to go. I told him we were eating in Traverse City. He vocalized that he was going to be disappointed if we took him to a "big chain" burger place. When we got there he was not disappointed. In face we stopped there the next day on our way out of town as it was approaching dinner time and we had many miles to get home. The children and I had been there in 2010 without my husband. Love your show!!!!!




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