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Wednesday, August 14, 2013 (270w) 0 Comments  By zachary mueller

Austrian food accident at Herwigs Austrian Bistro in State College, PA

my family and I were in PA a few weeks ago and got lost chasing Amish people. We found ourselves lost in State college PA around dinner time. I could not find anything on my smart phone regarding good food on flavortown USA so we just went on the search. we decided to try this Austrian food place since it was something way different from what we have in Arizona. We walked in and saw everything written in chalk on the wall and knew we made a good choice. I asked the guy at the register what the best thin they had was in he started to say "what the most expensive thing on the menu?" he then started to tell me about the bacon cinnamon roll, the bacon cheese cake, and we had to order it. We also ordered the Weinershnitzle for dinner. whey brought out the most amazing pork weinerschnitzle I have ever had with dill potato salad. this was probably the best dish I had while in PA and would love to see this place on your show. check our the website for yourself.




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