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Thursday, August 15, 2013 (271w) 0 Comments  By Fadel Khattab

Best chicken tenders at Tullys Good Times in Syracuse, NY

Hello, I'm Fadel K from Syracuse ,NY and love the show, watch every time its on. I wish I could visit all the places that you have been to, all that food makes me hungry when i watch. I just wanted to inform you about a place in Syracuse that has the best chicken tenders on earth. The place is Tullys Good time's, address is 3355 W Genesee St Syracuse (315) 488-9322. I just want you to come visit the 'Cuse one more time and try these amazing tenders. Everytime I go to Tully's I get the tenders, I have never tried anything else from there, I'm sure its as good. So I hope you can visit Tullys' Thank You. And just in case you wanna call me for more info feel free 315-403-4901.




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