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Saturday, August 17, 2013 (270w) 0 Comments  By Stacie Sattler

Great places to eat in Florida

Hello, I know that Guy has spent time in Miami and Tampa but not the Naples/Bonita/Ft. Myers area and we have MANY places he should check out, a few are:Big Hickory Seafood Grille - Bonita Springs - Old Time Florida dining with incredible dishes and service--Debbie and Mariah are awesome! Total dive, but my fave!! Sits on the backwater.Fernandez the Bull - Naples - Cuban foodPincher's Crab Shack - Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers Beach, Naples- Local chain but incredible fries and always freshBrook's Burgers- Naples - Just burgers and sandwiches but OMG!!! Place has been around for a long time and you seriously have to check them out!! Try the chips w/ pulled pork and blue cheese as an appetizer and ANY of the burgers.I'm sure there are others in the area, but these are my faves. I hope you will consider stopping in!!Sincerely, Stacie Sattler




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