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Sunday, August 18, 2013 (266w) 0 Comments  By Thomas Raymond

Viva Italiano at DiCicco's Italian Restaurant in Fresno, CA

My family lived in the San Juaquin Valley of California, Fresno to be specific, until I was 13. There was an Italian restaurant/Pizzeria called DiCicco's. This place is without a doubt the best Italian Cuisine I've ever had in the world, and my Grandparents immigrated here from Italy, (forgive me Gramma) My Mom & I always judge Italian food against by two things... Gramma Iuliano's Cooking and DiCicco's. Guy, If I'm Lyin', I'm Dyin'...The Food Is OFF THE HOOK!!!! One other thing, In That area of the country, there is also a German dish called Beerrocks. I've never found them ANYWHERE else in the world. Back when schools had hot lunches, we would have Beerrocks at school at least twice a month. Just Killer. You should look into it.



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