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Sunday, August 18, 2013 (266w) 0 Comments  By David Dickerson

Come visit the area near Uptown Oklahoma City

Uptown Oklahoma City has several places that are Triple D worthy. You could do an entire show on 23rd Street alone. The newest place is Backdoor Barbeque home of the best brisket in OKC and the only potato salad I have EVER liked. The jar pies are outstanding as well. You can't go wrong with the Grandad's Platter - more meat than a single normal human can eat and three sides. Backdoor BBQ is the latest creation of the people that started the food craze on 23rd with Big Truck Tacos and followed by Mutts Hot Dog joint. The tacos at BTT at the best in the city and Mutts has more ways to dress a dog than I have ever seen.Then there is Tuckers - home of the best onion burger in town. Onion burgers are an Oklahoma creation from when meat was rare or expensive so they added onions to the mix and cooked the meat and onions together. Cheever's Cafe is along the strip for unique interpretations of classic fare. Pizza23 is a new pizza place.All this in less than a half mile and all DDD worthy. I hope you will check them out and be filming in OKC again soon.Love the show by the way. Because of DDD, we are taking our son to bopNgrill in Chicago after he graduates Navy boot camp at the end of this month.



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