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Friday, May 17, 2013 (279w) 0 Comments  By Maverism

Santiago's New Mexican Grill in Albuquerque, NM

guy; there are couple of places in albuquerque that, in my humble opinion, would be a plus for your show. 1. Santiago's on Eubank. great green chile cheeseburgers, and new mexican to die for. also, this is probably the only place in the city that will serve spam on request with breakfast. it is a little hole in the wall in a strip mall in the n.e. hieghts.everyone i have taken there has gone "junkie" over the cheeseburgers. everybody from college professors and lawyers to cable guys have gone nuts over the place. 2. mimmo's wondeful real and american italian. pizza as well. they have a pizza quatro fromage that will make you cry, and carbonara from heaven. two brothers from itay ( i think one of them was a chef for the italian army officer corps) showed up in albuquerque with the rest of the euro-chefs that took over the santa fe food scene back in the seveties/eighties. also good tv. for what it's worth mark



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