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Monday, August 19, 2013 (270w) 0 Comments  By Samantha Brown

Bennys Pub in Hagerstown, MD

Benny's Pub is located in Hagerstown, Maryland. Its a nice little local bar that is very popular in the area. They recently started brewing their own beer and has been a huge success. Benny's is not only a great bar for the locals, they also do a lot for the community. Benny's has women's softball, co-ed softball, men's softball, golf team, and also a women's bowling team. They also do fundraisers for the community. They have a Benzilla challenge which is a burger challenge, and the favorite sandwich is the fat bastard. They pair all their food with their own home brewed beer. First brewery in Washington County!! Bennys is a great place for anyone of all ages and deserves recognition for all their hardwork. I hope you choose Benny's Pub for one of your shows!!!




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