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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 (266w) 0 Comments  By Ebba

White Pines Cafe in Athol, ID

OH MY GOSH!!! If you haven't had a supreme cheese burger at White Pines Cafe in haven't eaten!!! SOOOO flipping tasty! It's a little known place small but perfect for quality burgers. Right off hwy 95 in Athol Idaho. Right smack dab in between CoeurD'alene Idaho and Sandpoint Idaho....on your way through Idaho to Canada. Awesome plentiful frys on the side. They also serve buffalo burgers too if your into that sort of thing. Full diner type menu, much of it made from scratch. They are currently involved in a remodel so don't stop there for the architecture DO Stop there for the SUPREME CHEESE BURGER and walk away SATISFIED!!! If your gluten intolerant they are happy to make you a burger using lettuce instead of bread. Nice wait staff are there to serve. :)



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