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Thursday, August 22, 2013 (265w) 0 Comments  By Jeff Matteson

Dusters Restaurant in Columbus, NE

Hey Guy,I live in Omaha and is want to tell you about a place that I drive to an hour and a half away for a sandwich. It's called Dusters Restaurant and The Gottburg Brew Pub located in Columbus, NE.Where do I start?First I will start with the French Onion Steak sandwich. This thing comes out and and I am a bit intimidated by it. The bun is covered in cheese and in between is a wonderful prime rib steak and all kinds of good stuff that leaves me feeling pretty useless for the rest of the day because I don't want to move much afterwards. The Gottburg Reuben is amazing, the Porkstrami brightens my day, and just thinking about the Black and Bleu Cheesesteak with steak tips is making me hungry as I type this out.What is really cool is that on one side of the building is a white table cloth restaurant and on the other side is a pub where they brew their own beer and root beer. I'm not going to try to describe everything because their web site does a good enough job doing all that. www.dustersrestaurant.comBasically all I need to say is that this place is worth the hour and a half drive just for a sandwich, I believe it would be worth checking out for Triple-D.-Jeff Matteson



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