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Friday, August 23, 2013 (269w) 0 Comments  By Rick Forest

Miner's Drive-in in Yakima, WA

Hey Guy, There's a restaurant called Miner's Drive-in in Yakima, WA.. They make the best hamburgers in Central Washington. They don't serve a lot of exotic food, but they do sell about 2,000 burgers a day. They've been in business, at the same location and operated by the same family, since 1948. I love the place. I always order the double cheeseburger E circled. When you say E circled. They leave out the tomato and replace the mayo with mustard. The food is great, the place is always spotless and the family history is incredible. If you have the opportunity to visit Yakima, WA.. Please stop in and try a double cheeseburger. I've been eating them since 1970. Thanks in advance, Rick Forest.




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