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Friday, August 23, 2013 (269w) 2 Comments  By Jonathan Munshaw

Andy Nelson's BBQ in Cockeysville, MD

Guy, as an avid viewer of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives I have to recommend Andy Nelson's BBQ to you located in Timmonium, Maryland. It is just outside of Baltimore and has the best BBQ north of the Carolinas. Not only is their pulled pork sandwich to die for, but all of their sides are great, especially their homemade lemonade and corn bread. Everything here is good - I've had everything from their pulled pork to their brisket sandwiches and their ribs, it's all great!




  1. Anonymous
    Friday, August 23, 2013
    Hi DDD! - My name is Connor Whalen. I'm the general manager of Andy N Hi DDD! - My name is Connor Whalen. I'm the general manager of Andy Nelson's BBQ. Located at 11007 York road Cockeysville Maryland. We have been well known in Maryland for having the best BBQ in not only Maryland but America !! We have won countless awards and are well known in the BBQ world. You guys have contacted us on numerous occasions to be on the show in the past. The owners have always declined because they didn't want to give away secrets and recipe's . I have recently convinced the family to reconsider however because places like Chaps and the swine emporium is laying claims that they are the best because they have been on the show. Me and my fiance love the show!! We have been watching it together for years! Let's line this up!! I want our dive to be recognized as one of the best "Q" joints in the good ol USA! Sincerely, CONNOR WHALEN
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    [email protected]
    Friday, August 23, 2013
    Next time you are in the Baltimore area you absolutely must stop at An Next time you are in the Baltimore area you absolutely must stop at Andy Nelson's BBQ located at 11007 York Rd in Cockeysville MD. It is about 10-15 minutes north of the city county line. The owner is a former Baltimore Colt from the 58 and 59 championship teams. I believe his son runs the day to day operation. It has, HANDS DOWN, the best bbq brisket you will ever get anywhere on the east coast. I can't speak for anywhere west of the Mississippi. But I would put it against anything out in bb land. In fact everything they have is awesome. Cornbread, beans, slaw, lemonade. Not to mention the pulled pork, bbq chicken, wings. The place looks like it should be located in the middle of some podunk town which adds to the authentic taste of the best bbq anywhere. But it's in the middle of a business district. Maryland is known for steamed crabs but I always steer out of towners to Andy's for lunch first. GUY MUST TRY!!!



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