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Sunday, August 25, 2013 (265w) 0 Comments  By Kim

Lunchbox in Staten Island, NY

Staten Island rarely gets recognized for anything. People have misconceived notions about this place without even visiting it. Many wonderful restaurants but the first " different" place I have been to in a while thats unique and has a creative twist on your typical " sandwich" is a place called " the lunchbox." the decor is very innovative...paying homage to all the different lunhcboxes...from the 1960's to current. Some of the menu highlights include a sandwich called " the punisher" ...which made my husband sweat!! well marinated pork cutlet, prosciutto, and some chili peppers to add that spicy kick...all in a wrap of your choice. They even make a tater tot tower, and the deserts are kicking....especially the fresh chocolate bread pudding and the deep fried milky ways!



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