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Monday, August 26, 2013 (269w) 0 Comments  By tracy bouy

a must see at Viva La Waffle in Lafayette, LA

dear guy...i am a huge fan of the show and have thought for along time that you would dig a local gem around here called viva la waffle. it was started by some friends of mine and the magic they put between a waffle is truly something that you should sink your teeth in to. Collin (the owner/chef) is a professionaly trained chef that initiated the food truck trend here in south louisiana (lafayette to be specific) and has never ceased to amaze me with his waffle creations. as you know us cajuns down here know food and his is some of the best served out of a truck on a waffles!! his latest endeavor is "swamp pop" a cola that him and a buddy dreamed up made with local ingredients soon to be found in a store near you. but back to the just gotta try one to believe me! trust me! its worth the trip. come see won't regret it!Tracy




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