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Tuesday, August 27, 2013 (268w) 0 Comments  By Nikki Johnson

Fat Milo's in Sherwood, OR

Hi Guy,I love that you have been coming to Portland more often, I wanted to tell you about a place in Sherwood, OR (a little southwest of Portland). It's called Fat Milo's (website: It's a great little family restaurant that has great, locally grwon, organic, food. It's a small, cozy, family atmosphere. Their pankcakes are to die for and ENORMOUS, if you get one, either share with 3 other people, eat nothing else, or take it home, it is that big. One of their breakfast items I couldn't believe they had (that I grew up on) was called Hole In One where you cut a hole in a piece of toast and fry an egg in it, so simple yet so good. I have never seen it on a menu before. I will definitely be going back. Take a trip to Sherwood, OR and see Fat Milo's for your self.Nikki J.




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