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Friday, August 30, 2013 (264w) 0 Comments  By Candace

Mangos Caribbean Restaurant of Huntsville in Huntsville, AL

Mangos 6241 University Dr NW Huntsville, AL 35806(256) 971-5111 small dive is awesome. It's a family owned Caribbean food place in Huntsville, Alabama....AND the only place in Huntsville that I crave at lease twice a week. They make vegetarian food (I"M A VEGETARIAN JUST LIKE UR SISTER BRING HER TOO!!!), and i never leave anything on the plate; but with such large portions I often leave with a box in hand. I watch the food channel often and more people need to make there way to this place...OFTEN people travel to Huntsville for business and along there travels the should give mango a taste....Guy Fieri please go to Mango's of Huntsville, Alabama.



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