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Monday, September 02, 2013 (268w) 0 Comments  By Jennifer Sline

Missing my hometown DDDs

There are two diners, drive ins and dives I'd like to recommend. I live in Appleton, WI but my hometown is McCook, NE. Every time I go back "home" a visit to Mac's Drive In is a must! They have the best hamburgers, double cheeseburgers and their unique pizzaburger. Not to mention the fries, onion rings and homemade shakes and cyclones. There is seating inside the restaurant and you can place your order on a phone at your booth or you can drive up and eat in your car or take it out. Anytime a hometown friend posts a photo of a cheeseburger on Facebook the rest of us "out of towners" are jealous! The second restaurant is The Rocket Inn in nearby Indianola, NE located 11 miles east of McCook. The main draw here is the homemade thin crust supreme pizza with sauer kraut. But wait- you must experience their incredible hot sauce you can add if you are brave enough! it's a chalenge, but both the kraut and hot sauce make the pizza complete!! They have other things on the menu but the pizza is what draws the crowd in from miles away.




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