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Monday, September 02, 2013 (264w) 1 Comments  By Roberta's by Joe Muldoon

Roberta's by Joe Muldoon in Northfield, NJ

I know you've heard that you need to try many restaurants, and that every place is that one place that's better than the rest. I'm going beyond that, Roberta's by Joe Muldoon is one of a kind, starting with a Chef that has an infectious vibe about food and a great smile to go along with it. His food not only reflects that he's about fresh, quality ingredients, but he's also an innovator when it comes to the Asian fusion type of cuisine. He makes an opened face tuna sandwich with fresh Ahi Tuna, he has an egg roll that's filled with beef short ribs and served with a whole grain mustard. He serves a sweet and sour fried calamari that's mind blowing. Hands down the best thing on the menu is a tomato and melon salad, drizzled with a honey dressing and topped with duck prosciutto. If that doesn't sway you, how about this, it's the best restaurant in Southern New Jersey, He absolutely destroys anything in the vicinity and any of the over priced casino trash coming from Atlantic City.



  1. Anonymous
    Monday, September 02, 2013
    Love this food Young chef trying to find a name and he is the best chef. I have eaten in Many parts of the states and the world and I love his cooking. Roberta's is outside of Atlantic City. I was coming back from the casinos and wanted a good meal. I went on yelp and in Northfield 5 stars was Roberta's. So I stopped in. I had the crab cakes and they were the best I ever had. Joe muldoon is a young kid just starting out and his food is worth the trip. He really knows how to make everything taste better. I have eaten there every time I am in the area. This chef needs to be talked about he is a natural with food.



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