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Saturday, September 07, 2013 (263w) 0 Comments  By Becky Hanson

The Studio Grill in Kalamazoo, MI

This place has the best burger I've had in Michigan, and maybe the best burger I've had anywhere! After moving from Chicago to Kalamazoo, MI, I miss the cuisine that Chicago had to offer. One of the greatest things about The Studio Grill is they have fresh food and make their burgers fresh to order. They have stuffed burgers and really tasty combinations that go into them. My lunch today was the Rusty Nail Hamburger, pure ground beef stuffed with onion, mushroom, and sausage, then covered with bacon and cheese. It is so good and juicy I want more (although the burgers are so filling already)! This is my go to place for out of town visitors, and recommended it to someone new everytime I go. It's like the hidden gem of Kalamazoo!



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