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Saturday, September 07, 2013 (268w) 0 Comments  By André van Meulebrouck

The Blue Parrot Restaurant in Louisville, CO

In Louisville Colorado there is an Italian place that makes memorable spaghetti and meatballs with homemade noodles so thick they remind me of udon noodles. They give you extra sauce on the side too. The meatballs are amazing. I first went there in the 70s and never forgot the place. Recently I go to visit that part of the country again and paid them a visit. The food and ambiance is exactly as I remember it (albeit the surrounding town is much more built up than it was in the 70s). It is remarkable to me that a restaurant can keep on truckin' that long with that much consistency.I asked our waitress where the name "Blue Parrot" came from. She said one of the founding relatives (a woman) came up with that name and it just stuck; but they have no clue where she got the imagery from, nor what the significance of it is. (Inquiring minds want to know, but this mystery might just have to remain a mystery! =:0)They also grow their own basil, which you can see in a hydroponics like contraption which you can see in the dining roomPlease pay them a visit: it's a really great place!




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