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Monday, September 09, 2013 (258w) 0 Comments  By Sean Bordenkircher

Soda Jerks: Burgers and Bottles

This is a one-off (technically two now) burger joint in Edmonton, Alberta, that specializes in all things diner. Their mainstay is their huge list of glass-bottle pops, anything from the standard Coke line to things like Rose Oil Lemonade. Food-wise, they have a tremendous list of things on the menu, best of all their own BYOB (Build your own Burger) slip in every menu with a pen, letting you create pretty much anything your heart could desire. Beef burgers on Eggo waffles? Got it. Buffalo chicken tenders on sourdough with calamari? No problem. Chocolate dipped bacon? Done. This place is a must-visit!



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