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Monday, September 09, 2013 (267w) 0 Comments  By davis

Gas Full Service Restaurant in Saint Augustine, FL

.Gas full service restiraunt located at 9c anastatia blvd St.Augustine fl is the best restitaunt in town. Gas was opened two and a half years ago by a couple ben and lindy loose they had always dreamed of owning a small family buisness. So they packed up their bags and moved to St. Augustine. This place is very small but can go on a 1 hr to 2 hr wait. The atmosphere is very relaxing. A little about their food. Ben the owner / chef has worked in a lot of chain resturaunts. Such as marks prime steakhouse and many many more. Ben also uses all natural grassfed beef. I tell people that go to apple bees and checkers and mcdonalds and think that those disgusting burger's are good well they have not tasted anything yet. Ben makes a mean jalepeneo burger. This burger is made by two 4 oz. patties filled with cream cheese and fresh jalepneos this burger is stuffed grilled battered in butter milk corn meal and panko bread crumbs. Deep fried and served with your choice of Cole slaw's hand cut chips or fries.the next best thing is the Reuben rolls.those are corned beef sower kraut and shredded Swiss cheese wrapped in an egg roll and deep fried. Some of the awards gas has one.taste of St.Augustine 2 years in a row. The great chowder debate. And best of St. Augustine. Guy I hope you choose gas because they are truly the people to be on their show.




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