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Friday, September 13, 2013 (266w) 0 Comments  By Valerie Price

Billy Murphys Irish Saloon near East Falls in Philadelphia, PA

Hi there, My name is Valerie Price and I am here to tell you about this incredible bar in East Falls, Philadelphia. The name is Bill Murphy's Irish Saloon and it has been around since '77. This family owned spot has gotten recognition in the area for its burgers and wings, and now needs to be shared with the rest of the country. If would be awesome if you guys could come out and see what this little spot in East Falls has to offer. The second part of this is that I am a student at Temple University, and my group and I are required to help a small business out with their digital marketing for a semester. Bill Murphy's is the place we chose and we would love it if you could come check this place out! I really think that Guy would agree describing the burger as he would say it "Out of this world" or "Killer." Hope to see you soon!Val




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