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Monday, May 20, 2013 (283w) 0 Comments  By Ebonie Cook

Zesto in Evansville, IN

I have been in Evansville, Indiana since age 8, left once and came back, and there is one tradition that remains and it consists of a walk up window and the best fast food in the city. Evansville, Indiana natives all know the name ZESTOS and even though there are two in town the first and original is the best. It has been here since my parents were young and before, and I am over 30! Zestos is known for not only its great ice cream, but its tenderloins, burgers, brown bag of fries, twinkle kote ice cream cones, cup of banana much! and the old school feel of walking up and placing your order and waiting for your number to be called is so classic it is popular in all seasons!




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