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Sunday, September 15, 2013 (262w) 0 Comments  By melissa varanyak

Omelettes GALORE at Amys Omelette House in Burlington, NJ

I live in Burlington, NJ, home to Amy's omelette house. I'm so obsessed with it and I wanted to share. They have 200+ kinds of omelettes and other breakfast items: pancakes, French toast, Benedicts, sandwiches...and more. The menu is massive with so many different ingredients and combos. My favorite section is the Benny section...the Maryland Benedict is phe-nom-en-al. So good. Its 2 excellent crab cakes, topped with poached eggs and a fantastic hollandaise. They have a lot of benedicts though from asparagus, to avocado to seafood to jersey's obsession PORK ROLL. I try to switch it up and eat new Benny's every once in awhile. I had the french brie omelette today....fruit, nuts, honey and brie cheese omelette. It was life changing. I think my other fave is their griddle meals...just so good. Please check out Amy's....its a local, hometown favorite that people need to know about!!



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