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Monday, September 16, 2013 (265w) 0 Comments  By Eric

Pauls Family Restaurant in Woonsocket, RI

Hi there I'm in Rhode Island small city of Woonsocket there's a family diner that's been around for ages this place still has original owner cooking on some days it's called Paul's family restaurant it's been around close to 50 yrs and you definitely get your money's worth for the food and it is really good corn beef hash is fresh as can be everything made fresh to order they run different specials all the time great food great place and plenty of locals there is also another place close by to them it's called moonlight pizza they have all kinds of food but they have the wieners around in the area always busy always a line but well worth the wait well there's a couple of excellent places to investigate if your over here in the ocean state hope to hear from you on possibly visiting the area




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