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Saturday, September 21, 2013 (261w) 2 Comments  By Vicki

Famous Hot Weiner in Hanover, PA

Hi Guy, there's a joint in Hanover, PA that serves-up the best hotdogs on the East Coast. Check it out: Famous Hot Weiner (www.famoushotweiner). Family-owned and has been around since the 20's. It's a must-see!



  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, September 21, 2013
    Please visit the famous hot weiner in Hanover pa. They serve famous ho Please visit the famous hot weiner in Hanover pa. They serve famous hot weiner with chili mustard and onions. Along with their French fries with chili and a thick milkshake you will think you died an went to heaven!!! The story is a very interesting one as well, the great grandparents came from Grease settled in Baltimore, when looking to open a resturant they settled on Hanover because they said if a town could support so many banks it could support a restraint. That was in 1923( note some of my facts may be off a little but the family can verify every thing) it has gone threw several generations with grand children running the business now. The chili recipe has been handed down threw generations committed by memory!! There are so many more interesting stories too, like not only is it family own but several employees are of many generations too!! Many have met their spouses by working at the famous. Hope to see you soon at Hanover hot dog shop the famous hot weiner!!
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    [email protected]
    Saturday, September 21, 2013
    From Jan who is a fan of this place: Please visit The Famous Hot Weiner in Hanover, PA (a.k.a. "Famous" to the locals)! In addition to its amazing name, they serve up an incredible number of hot dogs each year. It was established in the 20s and has been family-owned and run for three generations. People LOVE these dogs! You can find more information here:



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