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Monday, September 23, 2013 (261w) 0 Comments  By matt dillon

A New York Pizza House in Cocoa Beach, FL

dear guy, my wife & i did some major traveling this past summer of '13.We stopped at 2 of your featured Diners...We loved them both.While in Florida,we stopped in Jacksonville for lunch at the 'Metro Cafe'..We ordered the meat loaf dinner.This was an outstanding meal.I just lovedthe flavor of the meat loaf..excellent.The second Diner we experienced was the 'Mephis BBQ Co.' in Mississippi,near the Tennesse border.My wife & I tried the wet & dry ribs.The ribs were just fabulous.I bought some of their signature BBQ sauce to use at home.. great taste on meats..Now for a place that we really enjoyed..We were in Cocoa Beach,Fla. and had a very delicious pizza at a restaraunt named ' A New York Pizza' Their jumbo Piizza isa giant,around 24".It was the round thin crust ,NY City style Pizza..This pizza is now my#1favorite pizza anywhere..including NY City!!I love your TV show.It brings excellent eating establishments right into my living room.Anytime I go traveling I'm going to look up your featured eateries & try them..It's at least a lot of fun..Best wishes,Matt



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