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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 (279w) 0 Comments  By Allison Cancro

Best Mexican Restaurant is Casa Maya in Gillette, NJ

Hey Guy,My name is Allison Cancro and I am from Basking Ridge NJ. I used to work in a small town called Gillette NJ and the best part of my day would be going to Casa Maya for dinner after work. It is a small eccentric little restaurant that not many people know about. The outrageous decor is something to really see. Here is the link to the restaurant Casa Maya has the best authentic Mexican food I have ever tasted. It is something I will drive hours for. I currently live an hour away and I find myself rushing there after work an hour away to have their burritos. You will not be upset about visiting this place.It is the best Mexican restaurant ever!!Please go visit Casa Maya!Best,Allison Cancro



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