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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (261w) 0 Comments  By Mary Young

West End Grill in Hammonton, NJ

Hello,My name is Mary Young and I live in a small town Hammonton, NJ aka "Blueberry Capital" of the world; just 30 miles on either side of Atlantic City, NJ and Philadelphia, Pa. Although we have alot of good places to eat here in town our #1 place is West End Grill. They have the MOST amazing Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Hot Wings you will EVER TASTE. The wings you can find on the menu daily with your choice of regular or EDDIE Sauce of course you want to choose EDDIE Sauce ! He is one of the owners who created this sauce with an amazing sweet / hot mix that keeps you coming back for more. The macaroni and cheese is ONLY on the menu on FRIDAY and believe me if you don't call in for your order early you taste buds will be VERY disappointed. The Magical taste of this creamy, perfectly flavored Macaroni & Cheese comforts you from your head to your toes . Not to mention the bread crumb topping talk about flavor town. The perfect combination is an order of Macaroni and Cheese with a side of Wings with Eddie sauce now that's a good friday night washed down with an nice cold beer ! This macaroni and cheese is so popular around this town that we serve it at our Friday Night Football games ! You have to come and taste it for yourself if you don't your are GREATLY missing out.



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