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Sunday, September 29, 2013 (264w) 0 Comments  By Zaji Jones

BEST BURGER at Chelos SmokeHouse in Jacksonville, FL

Hey Guy !! My name is Zaji Jones, Im 19 and I live in Jacksonville Fl, I think you have been here before for a seafood restaurant. Well Im emailing you today to tell you about an amazing smokehouse owned by a family friend, Jose Mattey. He owns a smokehouse called Chelos, now Im not just emailing you because he is close to me, he really does have amazing food! His food is delicious and authentic. They specialize in their delicious HUGE burgers and meals with a Hispanic twist on it, my favorite would have to be the mushroom swiss with bacon. Seriously Guy all it takes is spending five minutes with Jose and you probably never want to leave! He is very humble and genuine and just a fun person to be around in general. You coming to his restaurant would definitely mean a lot to him. He is extremely passionate about his restaurant, and being the best he can be, and having you would give him the extra boost to expand and take Chelos even farther. I pray this gets to you and possibly you considering to check Chelos out!much love,Zaji Jones




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