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Monday, September 30, 2013 (260w) 0 Comments  By Robert Abdul-Karim

Joes Deli in Cleveland, OH

Hey Guy, I love Triple D and I have tried a handful of locations in my travels, but DO I HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU TO CHECK OUT!!!Joe's Deli IS ONE OF THE BEST DELI COMBO RESTAURANTS OUT THERE!!!!It started small, then they grew and built a brand new home across the parking lot and are changing the imagery of deli's!!! Great family that runs it!!! Their faith called for a Sunday closing, which everyone else thought was financial suicide. But God is good and they covered the bills and have the best restaurant feel and testimony!!! As they keep serving and dishing out the best combo of great american and Lebanese food!!! GIANT portions and the home-feel hummus joint that dishes out THE BEST CORNED BEEF!!!! highly recommend it, this humble service-oriented family has a great place that the community loves!!! God bless Guy,Huge Fan!!!,Robert Abdul-Karim



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