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Tuesday, October 01, 2013 (264w) 0 Comments  By laurie campbell

Elsies Diner in Owen Sound, ON

Hi there, nI am not sure if you guys ever venture up the the North, but in Springmount, Ontario, Canada; there is a little diner named Elsie's 50's Diner, after the dairy cow! It's a vintage decor, right down to the juke box, and the waitresses even wear saddle shoes. Their beef is grown locally in the Grey Bruce area, hence being named after Elsie. There's a big history about the cow herself in the area. The food is all named after the vintage atmosphere, like the Fonzie burger, big beef patty, with mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions,and on a fresh local baked bun. My friend had a Chubby Checker chicken burger, freshly pounded out chicken breast, cheese, and IN HOUSE MADE BBQ sauce! mmm mmm. They even served apple crumble and ice cream from Chapmans Icecream. (Canadian favourite, and locally produced). The pricing is beyond reasonable; and it's always filled with local folks, young and old for a taste of local grown food and amazing nostalgic atmosphere, even the ketchup and mustard bottles on your table. oh and one more thing....the fries and gravy....reminds you of being a kid and getting take out with your parents on a Saturday at the ball game! Thanks! And hope you can take time to check them out!Sincerely,Laurie Campbell




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