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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 (279w) 0 Comments  By Rebecca Lutz

Country Deli in Ephrata, WA

thair is a place called 'Country Deli"in Ephrata, has great simple food in big portions.I got one waffle with stawberrys and I couldn't eat the hole thing and I can eat alot of food.Another time I got a BLT with turkey and it was one of the best things I have Ever ate. I ate all of that but then I almost couldn't walk. I ate way to much and my stomach hurt realy bad. the fact that it is good food was worth having a stomach ache for. the restraunt isn't that full but it has a great atmospere you can have a conversation with almost is a vary little town. the first time we went the man that sat next to us bought our breakfast.when you walk in thair are pictures of the town when it was older and thing on the shelfs like old popcorn poppers and things like that.I hope you come because the food is great and I think that it deserves a chance on tv becuse it is a pretty old restraunt. if you are going to come could you e-mail me if I ever get to own my own reastrant I want it to be like that because I love cooking I have loved it sence the first time I got to cook an egg by myself when I was 7years old.I am 15 now and I realy want to go to culinary school. please think aboout coming to Ephrata,washington to "Country Deli"



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