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Sunday, October 06, 2013 (263w) 0 Comments  By Mary Paulson

Newtons Paradise Cafe in Waterloo, IA

We recently moved from thevTwin Cities metro area to Waverly Iowa. I took a job a Wartburg college teaching in the social worj department. We love food, and what makes a great place to eat is not justvthe food but tgevpoeple who prpeare and serve it. That's why we love triple D. (Well that and Guy lives in my favorite place in thevUS... Santa Rosa. If I ever run away you will find me eating breakfast at Omelette Ecoress and then pouring wine at DeLoach or Gary Farrell or something).Anyway, In our quest for cool spots to eat in Iowa, we found Newton's Paradise Cafe today for brunch. Best bloody mary, biscuits and gravy, and Iowa toast with berries. They use prodicts fronm a local dairy, Hansens.We highly recommend a trip to Waterloo, Iowa. We knowbit can easily be missed on a map:)




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