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Sunday, October 06, 2013 (259w) 0 Comments  By Michael Justeson

Basque in Bakersfield CA

Grew up eating Basque 7 course meals at various Basque restaurants in East Bakersfield. Semi seedy by the RR tracks, but not really dives. Family affairs with two seatings a night, long tables, eating communally with people you might not know. Everything was from the farms nearby. Bread was baked around the corner. Vegetable soup, beans, Spanish salsa(all of which ended up by swimming together). That amazing sourdough bread, fresh salad-which was sometimes perfect tomatoes, marinated lamb's tongue, french fries another vegy and your entree. Your were crazy if you didn't get the lamb chops. Then ice cream. The wine was hearty wine, also local, must have been from a cask. There are several restaurants within five blocks. Noriega's is the most traditional and The Woolgrowers has the best food. I've rented a bus and taken a wrap party there that is still talked about. The first generation has passed away and a new generation of families are bring it all to the table. While in Bakersfield there is also an ice cream and Candy store named Dewar's. Started in the Depression, generations have cooled off in the Summer and the taffy "Chews" are special.Jed Justeson



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